Hair Down

Hair Down – Fra Ru

Hair Down – Fra Ru

Girl with long silky black hair gets a smooth bald head shave. [Trailer]

Brunette bowl cut and complete headshave. [Trailer]

Blonde girl short haircut before head shave. [Trailer]

Curly hair blonde girl meets the barber's razor. [Trailer]

Girl from curly shoulder length hair to buzzed bald. [Trailer]

Woman Ponytail Chop and Headshave. [Trailer]

Girl from shoulder length hair to buzzed bald. [Trailer]

Woman from shoulder length hair to complete headshave bald. [Trailer]

Two years ago we shot our first video

Curly woman decides to get her head and eyebrows shaved smooth.

Woman chooses a new trendy haircut, shaved smooth bald.

Blonde woman go bald, pigtailed style headshave.

Girl from bob to bald and beautiful head shave directly with straight razor

Blondie full barber treatment, head shaved smooth and eyebrows shaved.

Girl full smooth headshave improvement

Sexy woman goes bald and more sexy.

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